Reduce Intake of Sugar

(Note: Most of the materials in this posting came from Bo Sanchez article on sugar) A)  Sugar is everywhere Processed foods are usually laden with sugar. Most people are not aware that we are on a sugar rich diet. Huge amount of sugar in soft drinks, fruit drinks and other drinks. Sugar is hidden in […]

Seven Wealths for Complete Human Development

Note: Most of us will focus on financial wealth if we are not reminded on the importance of the other six wealths for complete human developments. During his time in the papacy, St. Pope John Paul ll emphasized the importance of Integral Human Development. 1. Spiritual Wealth This is the most important among all the 7-Wealth […]

The Coming of The Lord

Today, November 27, is the first Sunday of Advent (The coming of The Lord), the beginning of the Christmas season in the church calendar. For those who have not yet establish their personal relationship with The Lord, it’s the best time to take the opportunity to ask The Lord for the most valuable Christmas gift […]

Christ’s Leadership

The Theme for this Sunday’s reading is: Christ’s Leadership. Here is a portion of the commentary from St. Joseph Sunday Missal: “Christ is the answer to the frightening questions of life. When the leaders of a nation are corrupt, it’s people usually suffers. The human family on this planet is afflicted with many maladies resulting […]

Joyful in Hope

Today’s Theme is, “Joyful in Hope.” Here is a portion of today’s commentary from the Saint Joseph Sunday missal: “Christian hope opposes despair, which often results in suicide or just ‘copping out.’ It opposes escaping from reality through the use of drugs, abuse of alcohol, or excessive addiction to the pleasures of modern life. Christian […]


The theme for today’s readings is: Faith. Here is a portion of the commentaries as gathered from our St. Joseph Sunday missal: “King Ahaz has more faith in a treaty with the Assyrians than in God (represented by the prophet Isaiah) who approached him …. It is faith in God that saves us from a […]

Pitong Kayamanan sa Lubusan Pag Unlad ng Tao

Paalaala: Karamihan sa atin ang tuon ng pansin ay sa kayamanan pangpinansyal kung hindi sa atin ipaalala  ang kahalagahan ng iba pang anim na kayamanan sa kumpletong pag-unlad ng tao. Noong si Saint Pope John Paul ay Santo Papa binigyan  niya ng diin  ang kahalagahan ng kumpletong pag-unlad ng tao. 1. Kayamanan Pang Espiritual (Spiritual […]

Mary, Mother of God

Here is a portion of the commentaries from The Saint Joseph Sunday missal: “Pregnancy, birth, choosing a name and baptism (in the Jewish faith, circumcision) are great events for a young mother who goes through this experience for the first time. Only mothers can witness this wonderful time in their lives. Outsiders can only marvel […]

Mission of Our Company

With today’s theme, “Jesus Royal Messiahship of Both Jews and Gentiles,” I thought of sharing with you the Twin Mission of our company, San Jose KCM. We have been practicing these two programs for the last 29 years. I think it is a powerful business formula. I believe it is good for the business owners, […]