Note: Most of us will focus on financial wealth if we are not reminded on the importance of the other six wealths for complete human developments. During his time in the papacy, St. Pope John Paul ll emphasized the importance of Integral Human Development.

1. Spiritual Wealth

This is the most important among all the 7-Wealth because this is what we will carry in the next life to eternity. This is also the most satisfying as this is the ultimate need of our soul. As the cathechesis teaches us, “We are made by God and for God.” And unless we are moving towards that direction as we grow older, somehow we would feel restless or incomplete.  This wealth will also set a strong foundation for the positive development of our other six Wealths.

The way to Spirituality is to surrender our will to God’s will. Knowing that He is a loving Father, who gifted us with the gift of life, He always has our best intention.

2. Emotional Maturity Wealth

This is about our self- control. Our self-mastery on our day to day life. We are always tempted to react or retaliate in the negative way. Are we easily hurt? Are we easily disturbed by what others say or do? Do we often get into quarrel with someone? How do we behave if we are disappointed or in a chaotic situation? Are we often stressed out?

Emotional maturity is wealth!

Let us ask The Lord to help us grow in the virtue of humility (kababaang loob). It is this virtue that will help us much in our pursuit for emotional maturity. Saint Agustin said that humility is the mother of all virtues. It is the foundation to a successful life.

3. Relationship Wealth

We may be very rich but if we are separated from our family, what is that? Knowing that our children are growing with incomplete parents? We maybe rich, but if we don’t have good relation with our children, with the poor, with our neighbors, co-employees, relatives, in-laws, what is that? Or if our children hates us. Relationship are assets and very enriching to the soul. We may have plenty of money, but if we don’t have friends, what is that?

In one meeting I attended, the speaker shared that their family reunions were in the courts of law, meaning they see each other only because of disputes being settled by the courts. What a sad story for a family.

Relationship is wealth!

4. Physical (Health) Wealth

Health is the first wealth, according to Emerson.  In Bicol, there is a   saying, “Dai bali pobre  dai lamang magherelang.” (It’s ok to be poor, so long as nobody get sick). My father was a man of moderation. He always said, if you drink hard liquor take a few table spoons only. He is also some kind of a Chinese herbal medicine practitioner. He died at the age of 92. That day, as usual he went to work early in the morning. At noon time he ate his lunch and took a short nap. At around one in the afternoon he sit in one of the chairs in the office. After a few minutes, he reclined and died. What a beautiful way to die at a ripe old age. If we are afflicted with a major illness, no amount of money can replace it.  Hope is affected. Depression may even follow. It’s a big problem. You can be sure you don’t want it.

Health is definitely wealth!

The best way to take care of our health is to take charge of our own health development. We should not rely to much on others. We should allocate time and effort to learn more about health.

5. Wisdom and Knowledge Wealth

Solomon said, “I consider wisdom more valuable than gold.” Education, knowledge and most of all wisdom are most valuable and real wealth. (Wisdom are experiences and knowledge already filtered by the heart guided by The Holy Spirit). Parents should often talk about the value of education, knowledge and wisdom in their homes.

6. In the Right Job Wealth

Edgar is our production foreman for eight years. His performance was average, sometimes good, but most of the time average. I notice his concern for people. During floods he would volunteer to solicit donations. We decided to transfer him to HR (personnel department). Soon enough his performance was much better than when he was at production. I asked him what was his level of happiness when he was at production compared to now at HR. His answer was spontaneous, “Sir, at production, around 80%, and now here at HR 90 to 95%.” Had I realized the importance of this phenomenon, I would not have him stay that long at production. It is important that our job or business should not only provide for our living but must also be where we are happy working.. We should be where our core gifts or primary talents are. It should be in the area where we are passionate about.

7. Financial wealth

Of course financial wealth is important. It is good to live a comfortable life. We deserve it if we have work for it. With the great honor that God has given to the human person —-which is that we are “created in the image of God”— we should live a descent life. If we are to live up to a hundred, we don’t want to depend on others for our financial needs. Even more important, we should also have the means to help others even during our later years. (The Lord has already given us the secret to happiness: “There is more joy in giving, than in receiving”).

It is important for parents to educate their children on the first six aspects of complete human development before they encourage them to pursue vigorously on their financial wealth. This is the right way to financial wealth. If we don’t teach them these ways we may end up sorry later. I know of a person who pursue vigorously for material wealth. True enough he became financially successful but got a serious illness in the process. Many families were broken, relationships destroyed in the pursuit of material wealth.

May The Lord’s grace bless us with the Seven Wealths for Integral Human Development!

May we all have a long, healthy and happy life!

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