The Theme for this Sunday’s reading is: Christ’s Leadership. Here is a portion of the commentary from St. Joseph Sunday Missal: “Christ is the answer to the frightening questions of life. When the leaders of a nation are corrupt, it’s people usually suffers. The human family on this planet is afflicted with many maladies resulting from lack of leadership…. Jesus Christ is the God-given leader, who came to establish God’s kingdom here on Earth. A kingdom of truth….. A kingdom of justice, love and peace…. Society would be much better if all would heed the guiding principles of Jesus.”

Actually, as we all knew, The Lord Jesus did not become a king during His time here on earth. He just lay down the principles of Christian leadership. His plan was long term. The Lord said: “I am the tree, you are the branches.” This would mean Christian leaders should draw their inspirations, their principles from the teachings of the Sacred Truth Book (The Bible) in contributing to the mission of “The Tree” (The Lord). Individually, Christian leaders should be conscious of the fact that they are just one tiny branch (but important) to the overall mission of the huge “Tree.” After His death and resurrection, The Lord (The King), through The Holy Spirit, year after year, through the centuries, is working behind the scene through His many followers and missionaries to achieve His Twin Mission, namely: A) To win people back to God and B) To change this world. (Pope Francis has repeatedly remind us not to forget this second important mission).

Here are seven principles of Christian leadership:

  1. Be a leader with a humble heart.
  2. Full obedience to The Father’s will and extend to God the highest of reverence.
  3. Practice leadership by example.
  4. Go the extra mile: exceed the people’s expectations in what you do.
  5. Practice and promote the commandment, “Love one another” — accept one another. Since man is created in the image of God, human life is of great value. Everyone must be treated with dignity and love, especially the poor and the least of our brothers.
  6. A combination of love and justice should be the guiding principle in governance.
  7. Strong determination to contribute to the two important missions of The Lord, which are:

• To help The Lord bring people back to God, and eventually to live with Him in eternity.
• To help The Lord change this world. (The goal of The Lord is a world characterize by truth, justice, love and peace).
As Christians, we are expected to contribute to the Twin Mission of The Lord. Therefore we are all leaders ! Let us ask The Holy Spirit to help us practice the seven principles of Christian leadership.
It’s a joy to contribute to the mission of The Lord !!


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