Today, November 27, is the first Sunday of Advent (The coming of The Lord), the beginning of the Christmas season in the church calendar. For those who have not yet establish their personal relationship with The Lord, it’s the best time to take the opportunity to ask The Lord for the most valuable Christmas gift of all — the gift of spirituality or the gift to Spiritual Awakening. Let us now acknowledge Jesus as our Lord and a friend, and decide to obey Him.

For those who already have established their relationship with The Lord, it’s a time of preparation for an even closer relationship with The Lord. Let us be sensitive to the leadings of the Holy Spirit. Let us ask God to show us our sins more clearly. One example is our tendency to point the blame on others, our lack of repentance for failures in areas under our responsibilities.

In the story of our first parent at the garden of Eden, when God asked Adam, “Why did you eat the forbidden fruit,” Adam replied, “The woman gave it to me,” and when God asked Eve why she did it, she replied, “The serpent tricked me into eating it.” There was no repentance at all on our first parent, which to this days we reflect the same general attitude.

Let us ask The Holy Spirit to help us grow in the spirit of humility by having the courage to admit our mistakes, to assume responsibility for that mistake and to sincerely express our apology. And later on followed by actions that proves our sincerity.

Greetings to everyone with the Spirit of Christmas!
This time let us make The Lord smile more often!

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