With today’s theme, “Jesus Royal Messiahship of Both Jews and Gentiles,” I thought of sharing with you the Twin Mission of our company, San Jose KCM. We have been practicing these two programs for the last 29 years. I think it is a powerful business formula. I believe it is good for the business owners, good for the employees, good for the country and good for the church. I believe the concept should be shared to other companies or business owners, especially Christian business owners. It is also good that many people should know about it.

Here are the two programs:

1. Spirituality in the workplace

It is a regular spiritual program of approximately one hour every week done every Monday morning, 8am, first hour of the first working day of the week. It is a study of the Word of God program or The Sacred Truth Book (Bible).

2. 50/50 Employer/Employee Profit Sharing

It is a profit sharing program of our company for our employees. Fifty percent of the company’s profit is distributed to employees. The basis of profit sharing are only two: Performance and level of responsibility.

I believe it is a powerful business formula. Here is why:

A) Good for the Business Owners.

• It has the power to retain good employees with missionary zeal.

• It has the power to generate good profit net for the company.

• It has the power to give business owners a special kind of joy in managing the company.

B) Good for the Employees.

• It has the power to impart huge spiritual wealth among employees.

• It has the power to elevate the standard of living of employees.

• It has the power in making the jobs of employees holding higher level positions, such as managers and supervisors, less hard in managing their departments.

C) Good for the Country.

• It has the power to contribute much to long term peace.

• It has the power to contribute in major proportion to poverty reduction.

• It has the power to return many OFW and be united with their families.

D) Good for the Church.

• It has the power to contribute significantly to The Lord’s mission of bringing people back to God.

• It has the power to contribute to The Lord’s mission of changing our world.

• It has the power to contribute positively in making the church closer to the people.

If these Twin Programs are practiced widely by many Christian business owners and executives, I believe it will contribute much to our Lord’s mission of establishing His kingdom here on earth. It can also contribute much to our social problems. It is contributory to solidarity and brotherhood.

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