Today’s Theme is, “Joyful in Hope.” Here is a portion of today’s commentary from the Saint Joseph Sunday missal: “Christian hope opposes despair, which often results in suicide or just ‘copping out.’ It opposes escaping from reality through the use of drugs, abuse of alcohol, or excessive addiction to the pleasures of modern life. Christian hope knows how to handle depression: You get on your knees, knowing that ‘Over the world of the stars, a loving Father must reside.’ “
What is the greatest message of Christmas? — The greatest message of Christmas is “you don’t have to do it alone.” The Lord is coming. Emmanuel is “God- with-us” You don’t have to do it alone in facing all the problems of life. Isn’t that beautiful, that we don’t have to do it alone, that God decided to come to help us.

Hope is what Christmas brings ! That is why there is joy in our hearts every time Christmas is coming — Merry Christmas !! — Say Merry Christmas to everyone with a smile ! — Give something to the children — Share your cake, pour the wine — Celebrate ! — Do not forget your household helps. Take them in, include them! — Be careful with your sugar and meat.

Merry Christmas po ! Magandang araw po !

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