Join Our Team

Why Join Us

Here are just some of the reasons why you should join San Jose Cabinets.

Spiritual Program

We have a weekly spiritual program conducted inside working hours.


Good performers are usually given salary increase at the end of the year. Usually payroll is given one day ahead.

Profit Sharing

We share 50% of company profit to employees based on performance and job levels.


We treat our employees with respect and we don't allow our managers to shout at their subordinates. Also in the company you will not hear people uttering invectives (walang nagmumura).

Politics-Free Environment

Theres is no politics inside the company kaya mas magaan trabaho.

Work-Family Balance

We realize the importance of work-family balance. We teach the importance of love for family.


We pay 100% contribution to SSS, Philhealth and Pag-ibig.

Health Program

We practice the 4-point long term good health program, namely: Exercise, Diet Control, Weight Control, and Stress Control.

Full Tax Compliance

We pay 100% tax due to our government.

Respect Among Employees

There is a culture of respect for each other among employees.

Who We Are Looking For

  1. A person with a humble heart and serious in his faith in God. He or she obeys the Lord’s commandments.
  2. In him or her, there is real love and concern for other people.
  3. Trustworthy. He does not hide anything from the company. He does not cover the wrondoing of his co-employees or subordinates.
  4. Resourceful. Does not easily give up. He is able to think outside the box. He is a self-directed learner. He has the habit of planning first before execution.
  5. Goes out of the comfort zone. He goes out of the aircon room and takes the heat to achieve his purpose.
  6. He is strict but gentle when it comes to company policy. He practice strong will leadership.
  7. He is coachable or teachable. He is not afraid to admit mistakes. He is a team player.

Apply Now!

If you have the qualifications above, and if you think this is the compan you are looking for and that you will love, then apply now!