The kind of person that we need to be to live with God may not be what we are when we die. We need to undergo some changes. We need the process of purification before we are allowed to join the Lord’s kingdom. We need to pass through purgatory. So we hope and pray that our love ones who have died will soon join The Lord in His heavenly paradise.

Here is a part of a commentary from New St. Joseph Sunday missal book: “Nothing is more sure than that all of us are doomed to die. We have to face death quite often, first when it strikes our beloved ones, and finally when we ourselves are involved. We have to leave everything behind us. We may try not to think of it. Some consider death as an absurdity. Others learn to handle this reality as an integral part of our condition.”

All Souls Day is a special day of prayer for all our brothers and sisters who have gone ahead of us.

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