How do we obey the 3rd Commandment: Remember to keep Holy The Lords Day. I believed we need to do four things:

1. To express our thanks for the past week. To show our gratefulness for the supreme gift of life…. So we go to Mass for that.

2. To worship and show our respect, to  recognize His Lordship and that  He is God….We go to Mass, we humble ourselves, we kneel down, we participate in the celebration.

3. Study His teaching and learn more about Him…. So we read and study The Sacred Truth Book (The Bible). If we can join a small group to study The  Word of God so much the better. Nowadays there are many such small groups.

4. Contribute to The Lord’s mission and do something for others. Help The Lord in His mission to change the world.

So one day in a week’s  time we focus our attention solely for The Lord. By doing this on a regular basis our relationship with The Lord will slowly grow and become fantastic. Similarly if we want to develop our relationship with someone,  say our family, we have to allocate time and focus our attention to that person on a regular basis. The key is focus.

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