Today we celebrate The Lord’s Ascension into Heaven !

Alleluia !!

Our theme: Heaven and Earth.

Here is from our Sunday missal:

“Not all members of our species have the same outlook on life. There are people for whom this life means everything and ‘Heaven’ nothing. Naturally good people, they may cherish love as a great value, but they believe that when death comes, that is the end.

“There are others for whom Heaven is all important and this life almost completely unimportant. Save your soul! Many Christians have cherish this outlook, especially concerning others and as long as the self was not involved.

“Finally we have those for whom ‘heaven’ is realized already on Earth in love !

“If we understand Jesus philosophy of life well, and try to understand the exaltation of His humanity as we celebrate it today, we could give it a try. We may live life, including marital sex and love, as an earthly reality. We may develop our potentials as earthlings to the fullest. We may make use of the result of science (sociology, etc) to achieve a better life on this planet. We may consult marriage counselors and psychiatrists and seek the best medical care available. Yet in our best moments (‘disclosure situations’), we know that there must be something more than all of this, a transcending reality.

“In faith, following Jesus of Nazareth, we see this ‘transcending reality’ as a loving Father who is waiting for us. He (Jesus) is the beginning: ‘He ascended . . . that we, His members, might be confident in following, where He our head and founder, has gone before.’ “

Life here on Earth can be improve and enjoyed better by pursuing the Seven Wealths for Complete Human Developments:

1. Spiritual Wealth

2. Emotional Maturity Wealth.

3. Relationship Wealth — family, relatives, co-employees, neighbors, etc.

4. Physical (Health) Wealth.

5. Wisdom and Knowledge Wealth.

6. In the Right Job Wealth — your job is related to your primary talent.

7. Financial Wealth.

These Seven Wealth will make our stay here on Earth meaningful and wholesome, and we can say that the gift of life from The a lord is good. But still “Heaven” comes naturally in faith. There must be a place, a Heaven, where evil is not present, where people do not misjudge you. Where all people are honest, well meaning and true. Where people really love and care for each other. Our hearts longed for such a place.

That is why Easter and our Lord ascension into Heaven is such an important event, to show us that we too can follow Him, to where our hearts wants to be.

Happy Feast Day for Our Lord’s Ascension into Heaven !!

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