Our theme for today’s reading is: Death and Life

Our old self has to die in order for the new self to live !

Here is a portion of the the commentaries from our St. Joseph Sunday missal:

“Great people were often controversial figures during their lifetime. It is history which can look on from a distance and see things in proper perspective, that rectifies the often limited judgement of contemporaries. Something like this has happened to The Lord Jesus. His contemporaries, even His closest coworkers, did not understand Him, especially not His strange ideas on suffering and death as a necessary passage to a better life. Only later did all of these become clear to them.”

There is pain in dying our old self, but the reward of a new life is even better. It seemed that we cannot escape this process. Our old self has to die in order for the new in us to start growing and blossom. We can see this in many areas of life:

1. If we want to be debt free and have enough savings for our retirement, then we have to let our old habit of handling our finances die and be replace by planning and discipline. We need to spend time learning more about it.

2. If we want to be healthy for the long term, our old habit of no exercise, undisciplined eating habits, and without any weight or stress control, die. Yes, it has to die and be replaced by new habits. We need to spend more time studying about health.

3. If we want to have a wholesome life, less stressful and relatively tranquil, then we need to live a life of truth. Our private life of hiding something must die. Those old self has to die. In the end, people will respect us more. Relationship can only thrive for the long term on truth.

As The Lord said, the grain of a rice seed buried to the soil has to die in order to bear fruit of forty, sixty or a hundred.

Happy Palm Sunday to everyone ! Easter will soon be with us! And the ‘ Great Fifty Days.’

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