Today is Pentecost Sunday !

Our theme for today is: The Holy Spirit, Gift of the Father.

Pentecost is a great feast day of our Church !

Pentecost is the day The Holy Spirit is given to us by our Father in Heaven !

Greetings to Everyone !

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God The Father, and the fellowship of The Holy Spirit be with us all !

There are “Four Most Important Dates” in our Church calendar:

1. December 25 — The Birth of our Lord.

2. Good Friday — The day The Lord offered His life for us.

3. Easter Sunday — The Lord’s resurrection.

4. Pentecost — The Day The Holy Spirit is given to us.


• The coming of The Holy Spirit Is the Spiritual Birthday of our Christian Church.

• Marks the conclusion of Easter’s “ Great Fifty Days” celebration.

The Holy Spirit is very important because:

• The Holy Spirit is a unifying force. Unity is what our world needs today.

• The Holy Spirit will play a big role in our Lord’s mission of changing this world.

• The Holy Spirit will lead us into all the truths.

• The Holy Spirit will remind us of all that The Lord has taught us.

• The Holy Spirit will help us to know and understand our religion not just in our mind but also with our heart and soul.

• The power of The a Holy Spirit was behind our Lord’s resurrection.

• The same power of The Holy Spirit will be used for our own resurrection for the next life in eternity.

The Seven Gifts of The Holy Spirit after our Spiritual Conversion:

1. Wisdom — the ability to think and act using knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense and insight.

Wisdom is knowledge and experience already filtered by the heart and guided by The Holy Spirit.

2. Understanding — The ability to comprehend God’s message. When to be tolerant and sympathetic of others. It help us sense when someone is hurting or in need of compassion.

3. Counsel or Right Judgement — is a gift of prudence. It will help us make the right choices in following The Lord. It will also help us be a good and gentle mentor to others.

4. Fortitude — The courage to do what one knows is right. It helps us to stand up for our faith in Christ. It is endurance and ability to confront fear, uncertainty and intimidation. It is also perseverance under pain.

5. Knowledge — Familiarity and understanding of someone or something. It will help us determine God’s purpose for our life.

6. Piety or Reverence — a respectful and dedicated commitment to God. A religious devotion. It will inspire us to joyfully want to serve God and others.

7. Fear of The Lord — Specific sense of respect, awe and submission to The Lord. Feeling of human insignificance derived from contemplation of God’s great and wonderful actions and creations.

Happy Pentecost Sunday to everyone !!!

May The Lord bless you and take care of you;

May The Lord be kind and gracious to you;

May The Lord look on you with favor and give you peace.

And may the fellowship of The Holy Spirit be with you all !!

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