Happy Mothers Day to all Mothers ! Thanks for all the love and sacrifices that only come from Mothers ! How safe and secure are the children because of your love !

Today is the 5th Sunday of The Easter Season !

Our theme for today’s reading is: Kairos — Time of Favor.

Here is commentary from our Saint Joseph Sunday Missal:

“Educators know that children have their particular sensitivity moments, which should be exploited for learning. Adults follow the same law of nature. There are times when we are more than usually sensitive to God’s Word. Sometimes this maybe the result of a happy or sad event in life, such as a wedding, funeral, birth, success, failure or even a deeply moving book, motion picture or television program. At other times there is no apparent reason for them at all.

“We speak of ‘disclosure moments,’ I.e., times when we are more than usually open to some transcending reality. The New Testament word for one such moment or time is ‘Kairos.’ The Greek language has two words for time: ‘chronos,’ time measurable in years, and ‘Kairos,’ time of opportunity, time of grace.

“Jesus said: ‘This is the time of fulfillment (Kairos),…. Repent, and believe in the Gospel’ (Mark 1:14-15). God is present to you in Christ, the Bible, the breaking of bread, any good person. The ‘Kairos’ (time of favor) for you is when you experience this mysterious presence. This ‘Kairos’ (time of favor) is a gift of God, which we should exploit (make full use of).”

Kairos is the right or opportune time.

It is God’s appointed time.

It is God’s ordained time.

Kairos is the right or opportune moment.

We are in the Easter Season, when The Lord is usually generous in giving the gift of Kairos.

“The right time has come and the kingdom of God is near. ”

Your Kairos maybe this Easter Season, or this week or this very moment. When it comes don’t pass up the opportunity. Welcome The Lord into your heart. Follow Him.

“If today you hear The Lord’s voice harden not your heart”

Happy 5th Sunday of the Easter Season !


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