First of all what does “taking the name of The Lord in vain” mean. It means we should not use the name of The Lord without a purpose. It means we should not idly utter or misuse His name. It means we should not use the name of The Lord carelessly.

Two things we can do to follow this commandment:

A) We should never say or utter idly, “Jesus Christ” or susmaryosep (actually this word is from Jesus, Mary and Joseph) without a purpose (Huwag natin gawing bukang bibig ang pangalan ng Panginoon). If we love a person or have great respect for him or her, say our parents, we are never going to misuse his or her name without a purpose. More so with God who gave us the supreme gift of life. He deserves our highest respect and veneration.


B) But more important and deeper than the above is that when we call ourselves Christian or allow ourselves to be called Christian but failed to obey His commandments or failed to live our life like Him, we are in fact taking the name of The Lord our God in vain. We misuse the word Christian.

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