“Do we know Jesus Christ?”, this is the theme for today’s readings.

From Saint Joseph Sunday missal:

“We may be acquainted with persons for a long time, have social or business contacts, and yet not know them as they really are, for our contacts are superficial. Then at a certain moment there is a real encounter. Behind that casual smile, we discover entirely different persons. Meeting beautiful persons, having the privilege of being their friends, enriches our lives.”

Our labor law require us to decide whether to regularize an employee or not within a period of six months. The purpose is to give us enough time to know the person before we decide to make him a permanent member of our company. There are five process we do before we decide to regularize an applicant. First we conduct a short telephone interview to check if he or she has our basic requirements. Second, we ask them to fill up an application form together with tests on written communication, math, intelligence, general knowledge, and personality. Third, a face to face interview with at least three officers. Fourth, a thorough background check. And fifth, a six months probationary period of employment, with a monthly review system. In these process, we are blessed to have with us beautiful persons who not only shared our values, but also helped enrich our group.

In the same way with our Lord Jesus Christ, it will take some time to get to know Him, as a human person and as God. By regularly reading the Sacred Truth Book, we would have an idea of His being and His personality. In the Old Testament the prophets talked about His coming or the one who is about to come. In the New Testament four Evangelist talked about His being, His life, His values, what He did during those three years of public life, His miracles and commandments.

May we all have A good knowledge of This Beautiful Person and Friend and God !

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