Today we have a great theme: Discipleship !

From Saint Joseph Sunday missal:

“All Christians are called to discipleship and service. The Lord continues his mission of service to humankind through the Church. And the Church is not just the ordained ministers! It is all of us.

“The very beginning of Jesus’ ministry is marked by the calling of co-workers. Jesus said to the Galilean fishermen, Simon and Andrew: ‘Come after me and I will make you fishers of men.’

“If Christians leave it up to the ordained ministers to continue Christ’s mission, then Christian impact on society is negligible. If all would be dedicated to Christian discipleship and ministry, a tremendous untapped source of energy would be activated for the benefit of ‘the people who walk in darkness.’

“Jesus is the great light, envisaged by Isaiah in the first reading. Like the first disciples , all Christians share in Christ mission of service.”

If we as Christians have discovered the truth that Jesus is the great light (Nakatanaw ng liwanag ang mga taong matagal nang nababalot sa dilim — Isaiah 9:2), then we have an automatic obligation and assignment that we have to share this truth with others.

If we lived in the shadows all these past years and begin to see the light after knowing and sincerely following Our Lord Christ, yes we need to share it. That is what The Lord want us to do. The Lord wants us all to be saved. The Lord wants us to experienced the freedom that spring from this truth.

How beautiful it is to discover this truth !

Grace and peace from The Lord

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