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About Oscar Chan

Read about what our founder, Oscar Chan, has to say.

A Message From Our Founder

I am Oscar Chan, proprietor of this company. I am a family man with two grown up children. As a Catholic my spiritual conversion happened in 1980 when I experienced the saving love and hope in Christ. In 1982, I established San Jose Cabinet Manufacturing, a modern cabinet company with three branches at the SM malls. But I consider the culture of values we developed inside the company more important. For instance we teach our employees the importance of love for the family. Every Monday morning we have a spiritual program for employees conducted during working hours. We don’t allow our managers to shout at their subordinates. Our employees in general has a respectful attitude towards each other.

We share 50% profits to employees since 1987.

We pay 100% tax due to our government. We declare all our sales. In 2003, 2004, 2006 we were awarded as one of top tax payers of BIR Revenue District 54 in region 9.

We have a long term good health program for our employees. Our canteen’s healthy plate, which includes brown rice and 50% vegetables and fruits is patterned after the Harvard School of Public Health’s healthy plate ( Every Monday, between 6 to 8 am, we have a sports program.

The reason why I venture into the furniture business was my fascination with the beauty of the different characteristics of wood grains in various wood species.