1. Elegant looking design and color combination because it was a product of research and market survey.
  2. You don’t have to worry for the next ten years because it’s under warranty. When you call for service, a customer care personnel will attend to you within two working days free of charge.
  3. Each cabinet is sealed, thus if a cockroach coming from the outside gets in, it cannot transfer to the other cabinets.
  4. It’s termite-free (anay), included in the warranty, both for the upper and lower cabinets.
  5. It’s fit to size. we will measure your exact requirements and install cabinets on the basis of that dimension.
  6. You can transfer the location of the cabinets to any part of the house because the whole structure can be knocked down.
  7. In most cases it can be installed in two to three days only and it is not messy because it’s dry construction.
  8. Workmanship and quality is better because it’s machine made.
  9. It is easy to make add-on cabinets in the future.
  10. You can see already how it will look like when finished as per showroom display.
  11. It does not fade and delaminate easily because it’s high pressure laminate.
  12. You may wash the inside with soap and water without a problem because it’s made of marine plywood used in boat making.
  13. It’s bright and clean looking inside and easy to clean.
  14. No moist coming from the cement flooring because the floor of the bottom cabinet is elevated four inches above the cement.
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